We Can Help. Find Out How.

Litigation is generally inefficient, adversarial and expensive. There often are long periods of inactivity punctuated by flurries of action. Where practical, we suggest keeping your dispute out of the court system. Whether you are starting your separation process or already are in court, we can discuss out-of-court options such as settlement meetings, mediation and arbitration.

Sometimes court is the best option. If your partner is not prepared to work things out, or if you need emergency orders to protect you or your children, then litigation (court work) may be necessary. 

When we litigate, we litigate aggressively. We still always keep an eye out for areas where we can explore settlement. We try very hard to demystify a complex process. We discuss each step well before we take it, and we understand the pros and cons of each option and choice made. 


“Court was a huge unknown for me, it was scary. Todd explained each step to me and told me what I could expect and did so in a way I could understand. I was very prepared and ready for my days in court.”Mariam L.

We Can Help. Find Out How.