Complex Cases

We Can Help. Find Out How.

You may have a child in need of protection. You may have an abusive spouse and need protection yourself. The Children’s Aid Society or the police might be involved. You may need to start from the beginning or you may already be along in the process, with or without a lawyer. There may be a family business, your spouse may be earning unreported cash, or might be hiding assets from you. 

We strive to make complicated cases easier to understand so we can work together on a plan to overcome challenges. We welcome uncomplicated cases but also do not shy away from complex cases.

If you need help starting the separation process, if you need help unravelling yourself from a tough situation, or if you only now are thinking of separating, then perhaps we can help.

Todd was wonderful. He was kind and compassionate with a great sense of humour. He made me relaxed, I felt at ease. He spoke to me in a language I could understand. Todd’s and Carm’s support all through the process was special, they saved my children’s lives and my life, I owe the greatest debt of gratitude to Carm and Todd.” 

–Susan Y

We Can Help. Find Out How.